Saint Hubert is also known as Saint Hubertus and holds the unique position of being revered by hunters as Saint Hubert. It is a story of dedication and devotion to the hunting world that is told on November 3rd every year.
The Early Life of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert was a member of a noble family from Maastricht in France, between 656-705 A.D.. He was raised in luxury, grandeur, and luxury. Hubert’s archery was well known despite his upbringing in a privileged family.

Hubert had legendary hunting skills. st hubert necklace He was known for his perfect aim and ability of bringing in abundant feasts. Hubert’s life was changed forever during a Good Friday hunting trip, when he met a stag.

Saint Hubert’s Vision

According to legends, Hubert cornered this majestic stag while riding on his horse. The mighty buck then turned and faced him. The crucifix was visible between the stag’s antlers. Hubert reported hearing and seeing a voice in that moment urging him turn to God and lead a sanctified life.

Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation

Hubert, deeply affected by this experience renounced a life of privilege and luxury. Hubert gave up his titles including his birthright of the future Duc d’Aquitane and dedicated himself fully to Christianity. His wife Floribanne passed away while giving birth their son Saint Floribert. Hubert focused his entire spiritual journey on Hubert after Floribanne’s death.

Hubert’s Journey in the Church

Hubert turned to Bishop Lambert, who was his spiritual advisor. Hubert underwent a pilgrimage in Rome to meet Pope Paul VI. Hubert was then ordained and became the 31st Bishop Maastricht as well as the first Bishop in Liege.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert, a priest of the Catholic Church, performed many miracles including exorcisms. He also cured rabies. His efforts to spread Christianity into pagan regions have earned him the title “Apostle in the Ardennes”.

Saint Hubert can be represented by a stag that has a cross, or crucifix, between its antlers. This symbol has been widely adopted by hunters. It is even featured on Jagermeister’s bottle caps.

Honoring All Living Forms

Saint Hubert was not only made the patron saint for hunters, he also promoted the idea that animals should be honored. In his time feasts were organized to celebrate the energy transferred by the animal from the hunter to the animal after a successful kill.


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